The University endeavours to continuously improve our sustainability performance and promote responsible behaviour in the Campus to combat global warming. Every new building or renovations within the Campus shall be designed and constructed in an environmentally friendly manner. The physical spaces created shall not only be conducive to achieving excellence in teaching, learning and research. They shall also allow our students to steep in a green lifestyle that embraces energy saving, waste reduction and healthy living.


Green Building Performance

All University capital projects shall achieve GOLD rating or above of the BEAM Plus New Building assessment of the Hong Kong Green Building Council.

All University major addition and alteration projects exceeding $50M shall target to achieve the optimum rating of the BEAM Plus Fitting Out assessment of the Hong Kong Green Building Council under the allocated project budget.


Green Features in Capital Projects and Major Addition and Alteration Projects

Green features that contribute to renewable energy generation, energy consumption reduction, water saving, waste reduction and heat island effect mitigation shall be provided to capital works projects and major addition and alteration projects whenever appropriate.

Funding of not less than 2% of the construction costs shall be set aside in the budget for green building features for capital projects and major addition and alteration projects with costs exceeding $50 Million.


Going Forward

The policy is subject to review from time to time given the fast pace development of the University. “Business as Usual” is a thing of the past.