Sustainability Training and Development

We are committed to fostering a culture of sustainability among our staff and students.  We believe that education and continuous development are key to empowering our community to make a positive impact on both social and environmental fronts.

For Staff

Our staff must complete the mandatory compliance training, which includes a specific module on “Anti-discrimination laws of Hong Kong” to promote equal opportunities on the campus, and ensure staff are well-informed and committed to upholding the relevant laws.  Besides, various staff activities and training are organised to bolster sustainability initiatives.  This not only enhances personal development but also promotes sustainable operations within the University.

For Students

Our vision of education extends well beyond traditional academia.  We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of events, interactive workshops, and collaborative knowledge-sharing sessions that span various departments and services. These programmes are carefully crafted to cultivate a community of civically engaged individuals who are not just aware of their environmental responsibilities but are also proactive in championing sustainability initiatives.

Here are some examples:

Library: Conducts sessions on how to access and utilise resources focused on environmental studies and sustainability research, helping students become well-versed in the latest sustainability literature.

Student Affairs: Offers programmes that empower our students to take the lead on sustainability projects, from campus recycling drives to community outreach on environmental issues.

Sustainability in Residence Life: Engages in programmes and initiatives that transform our living spaces into models of sustainable practices, encouraging a ripple effect of eco-conscious living across campus.

Centre for Innovative Service-Learning: Integrates sustainability into its service-learning projects, allowing students to apply their academic knowledge to address real-life environmental challenges in our local and global communities. 

Stay Informed

To learn more about our latest developments in sustainability, please refer to our annual Sustainability Report, or other sections on this website.

Join us on our journey towards a low-carbon campus and a sustainable world.