PV System in HKBU

PV System in HKBU PV System in HKBU

Hong Kong Baptist University is a pioneer in establishing a low-carbon campus among the tertiary education institutions in Hong Kong. As a university committed to sustainability, the University strives to fulfil environmental, social and economic requirements in its daily operations and continuous development. One of the key initiatives of this commitment is the development of renewable energy. To this end, the University has implemented in-house electricity generation by solar power, which helps relieve the burden on power generation facilities. Solar photovoltaic systems have been installed on the rooftops of six buildings on the Kowloon Tong Campus. These systems are connected to the power grid through the CLP’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) programme. This not only enables the University to generate its own electricity but also contributes towards a greener and more sustainable future. Moving forward, the University will continue to explore further opportunities to increase onsite renewable energy generation across its campuses.