Hong Kong Baptist University endeavours to promote responsible behaviour to source and consume sustainable food to support the protection of the ecosystem on land and in water, preservation of water resources, maintaining biodiversity and minimising the impact on climate change. The University does not purchase, sell or consume unsustainable food at the University’s functions and its catering outlets which are served by catering services provided or managed by the University, and provides choices of sustainable food to the consumers.


Policy Statement

We, as a University, undertake to put into practice the sustainability considerations in food items through:

  • No unsustainably produced food items under “Avoid” category in the latest WWF Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide shall be purchased, sold and/or consumed at all on-campus catering outlets and in the on/off-campus events and activities that are organised or managed by the University. The latest WWF Hong Kong’s Seafood Guide could be found on their website;
  • Endeavour to source sustainable and/or fair-traded food products from certified sustainable sources for the University’s events provided with food and beverages; and
  • Maintain the availability of low-carbon food options such as vegetarian/vegan foods, seasonal and/or locallyproduced food options on the menus of catering outlets on campus.

The policy will be reviewed from time to time as appropriate and, in any event, once every three years. The policy also applies to all of our service providers and the supply chains, and will also be made available and known to all these stakeholders and the public.