Hong Kong Baptist University fully recognises the risks and hazards of direct, second-hand, and third-hand smoking and endeavours to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for all members of the University community, including its students, staff, visitors, services deliverers, and contractors, by strictly prohibiting smoking by all people in all areas on campus and promoting smoking cessation.


Policy Statement

The University bans smoking and the use of other smoked substances on campus, including but not limited to traditional cigarettes, heated tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, and water pipe tobacco. This policy applies at all times to all members of the University community in all indoor and outdoor areas on campus, which includes but not limited to the student residence halls and University vehicles. The University encourages smoking cessation and supports those who want to quit smoking.

The University implements the policy through:

Compliance Obligations

  • Enforce the compliance with all statutory requirements under Cap 371 Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance.

Informing the Policy

  • Inform all students, staff, visitors, services deliverers, and contractors of this policy.
  • Anyone who fails to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the campus.

Support for Smokers

The policy will be reviewed from time to time as appropriate and, in any event, once every three years.