1.    Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to equality of opportunities for all students, staff, and other stakeholders of the University regardless of identity or background. Everyone has the rights to be respected and equally treated and there is zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. Every individual or group within the University should be able to study or work in a safe, vibrant and discrimination/harassment-free environment that values diversity and inclusion. We as individuals and groups should help promote and maintain equal opportunities for all as we strive for excellence. To this end, the University has taken active steps in support of equality and diversity, and prohibition of discrimination and harassment across campus.

2.    The University adopts an inclusive admission policy which enables all deserving students to receive education at HKBU, cultivates values of embracing diversity among students and prepares students to collaborate with people of diverse backgrounds. The University provides diverse subjects and learning modes to suit students of different needs, aptitudes and aspirations. It enables equal access to educational opportunities, regardless of family background, family status, gender, place of origin, ethnicity, race, disability, age, faith heritage and sexual orientation in our admission and student support policies.

3.    As an equal opportunities employer, the University ensures that individuals will be selected, appointed, promoted, developed and treated fairly on the basis of consistent selection criteria, i.e. the job requirements for the respective staff grades, as well as the criteria and accommodations as laid down in the relevant policy document. One pay scale, performance assessment and reward system are adopted for each category of staff. Individuals will be assessed on the basis of the job requirements and their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities, and not on other irrelevant considerations, such as family background, family status, gender, place of origin, ethnicity, race, disability, age, faith heritage and sexual orientation. The University will take all steps may be needed to ensure fairness and eliminate inequality during the recruitment process and employment journey.

4.    The University is conscientious about providing equal and universal access, wherever reasonably practicable, to all University facilities and services. The University strives to provide reasonable accommodation to students with special educational needs and ethnic minority students.

5.    A Task Force led by the Provost, Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), and Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary will advise matters related to equal opportunities and diversity at the University. The Equal Opportunities Panel, made up of members from amongst the Equal Opportunities Advisers from different departments/offices, has in place a set of procedures to handle grievances, complaints or allegations relating to discrimination or harassment on grounds covered under legislation in strictest confidence. Failure to comply with legislation could render the University, and the individual(s) concerned, liable to legal action brought against them. The University will not tolerate victimisation or retaliation of any kind against any party for lodging a complaint in good faith or involving in case investigation. Relevant policies will be reviewed periodically.

6.    Members of the University are encouraged to refer to useful guidance on the requirements of legislation as contained in the Codes of Practice on Employment issued by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), which can be viewed via the EOC’s website at http://www.eoc.org.hk

For enquiries, complaints, or requests for assistance on equal opportunities issues, please send an email to eopunit@hkbu.edu.hk.