1.    The University recognises staff members’ choice to breastfeed, and supports staff members to continue breastfeeding upon returning to work after delivery.

2.    As a caring employer, the University is committed to the provision of an appropriate and friendly environment for breastfeeding staff members so that breastfeeding is compatible with work.

3.    Staff members should discuss with their Immediate Supervisor/Head as soon as possible about their wishes to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. An early discussion during pregnancy or before commencement of maternity leave will facilitate good preparation by both parties in a comfortable timeframe.

4.    Immediate Supervisors/Heads should consider the practical situation and provide an appropriate and friendly environment including the measures below:

(a)    Allowing paid lactation breaks for staff members to express breastmilk at least one year after childbirth, and adopting a flexible approach thereafter;

(b)    Providing a space with privacy to express breastmilk. While the University offers staff members free access to on-campus facilities for breastmilk expression, Faculties/Schools/Offices are also encouraged to provide appropriate space which would allow privacy. In this regard, existing resources can be deployed flexibly, e.g. meeting or conference rooms. Facilities required would include a chair with back rest, a table and an electric socket for connecting breastmilk pumps; and

(c)    Allowing some space in the office’s refrigerator for storing breastmilk

5.    Staff members who are co-workers of breastfeeding staff members are requested to respect the choice of breastfeeding staff members to continue breastfeeding after returning to work by adopting a supporting and accepting attitude.

6.    Staff members who wish to access breastfeeding related information and professional advice can browse the resources provided by the Family Health Service of the Department of Health as below: 

(a)    An Employee’s Guide to Combining Breastfeeding with Work: http://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/breastfeeding/20038.html

(b)    Breastfeeding Information: http://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/health_info/class_topic/ct_child_health/ch_breastfeeding.html

(c)    Breastfeeding Audio-visual Resources: http://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/mulit_med/breastfeeding/index.html

(d)    Breastfeeding Hotline: http://www.fhs.gov.hk/english/breastfeeding/hotline.html