Maternity leave

A female staff member shall be granted 14 weeks’ maternity leave on full pay if she has completed 40 weeks of service before the commencement of her maternity leave and in accordance with stipulations of the Employment Ordinance. A staff member who is not eligible for full-pay maternity leave will be granted maternity leave without pay to cover a total absence from work of 14 weeks continuously if she has completed four weeks of continuous service as defined under the Employment Ordinance.


Paternity Leave

A male staff member who is a father of a new born child or a father-to-be is eligible for paternity leave if he has been employed by the University under a continuous contract as defined under the Employment Ordinance. With effect from 1 July 2022, a maximum of 7 working days will be provided to eligible staff members on each occasion of childbirth and irrespective of the number of babies born on each occasion. A male staff member is entitled to paternity leave on full pay if he has not less than 40 weeks’ continuous service with the University immediately before the day of paternity leave.