1.1    The Hong Kong Baptist University is committed to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all persons employed by the University, students and visitors at the University.

1.2    The University will take all reasonable measures to :

(a)    ensure that employees, students and visitors have safe entry to, exit from and occupancy of the University facilities;

(b)    provide each employee and student with the information, instruction, training and supervision necessary to ensure their safety and health;

(c)    provide proper facilities and procedure for the use, handling, storage, transportation and disposal of articles, hazardous materials and waste;

(d)    ensure that the machinery, equipment and tools used by the employees and students meet acceptable government and international health and safety standards ;

(e)    ensure that every person granted access to the University is familiar with and uses the necessary safety materials, equipment, devices and clothing;

(f)    ensure that buildings, structures, plants and systems are safe and without risks to health;

(g)    provide appropriate first aid facilities and health services;

(h)    comply with relevant legislative requirements and other appropriate standards relating to occupational health & safety, fire safety and emergency

1.3    All persons at the University must observe the University safety rules and procedures and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself/herself and of other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions.

1.4    The Health, Safety and Environment policy of the University will be implemented, audited and revised as necessary.




1.    The President & Vice-Chancellor or his designate:

1.1    To have overall responsibility for health, safety and environment within the University.

1.2    To ensure the provision of sufficient resources for implementation of the University safety policies approved by the Council or Senior Executive Committee.

1.3    To appraise periodically the extent to which the policies have been implemented.

1.4    To take reasonable steps to ensure that the University safety policies are understood at all levels.

1.5    To ensure the provision of sufficient resources for the functioning and operation of the Environmental Health & Safety Unit.


2.    The Senior Executive Committee :

2.1    To approve the University Health, Safety and Environment Policy and departmental safety directives.

2.2    To consider budget proposal for the University safety programmes.


3.    Environmental Health & Safety Committee :

3.1    To establish regulations and procedures of the University Safety Programme, and to oversee their implementation.

3.2    To ensure that the University safety regulations and procedures, and relevant Government Ordinances and Regulations concerned with health, safety and environment are properly assigned and adhered at all levels.

3.3    To advise on the promotion of education on health, safety and environment for students and staff.

3.4    To act as advisory committee to the Senior Executive Committee (SECO) on the consideration of the departmental safety directives, standards and procedures.

3.5    To review the safety records and statistics of the University.

3.6    To appoint sub-committees or specialist committees as necessary to address unique or extraordinary safety issues.

3.7    To make recommendation on budget allocation for the University Safety Programmes.

3.8    To receive, consider suggestions and to resolve complaints relating to health, safety and environmental matters of the University.


4.    Head of Environmental Health & Safety Unit

4.1    To assist Departmental Safety Representatives in developing safety policies and procedures, and in resolving health, safety and environmental problems by providing appropriate recommendations.

4.2    To serve as the Secretary of the Environmental Health & Safety Committee in providing advice on the University safety policies and performance of the University Safety Programmes.

4.3    To evaluate information provided by those responsible for the design and construction of new buildings and for the modification of existing buildings and advise on matters affecting health, safety and environment.

4.4    To represent the University in interacting with regulatory agencies and tertiary education institutions on matters relating to health, safety and environment.

4.5    To plan, acquire and manage the necessary resources to meet the charter of the Environmental Health & Safety Unit.

4.6    To evaluate the effectiveness of the health, safety and environmental programmes and standards of practice through regular inspections and audits.

4.7    To maintain and analyse records of downgrading incidents including personal injuries, fire, property damages, chemical spills and other hazardous occurrences.

4.8    To develop and conduct, in consultation with appropriate departments, educational activities relating to health, safety and environment for employees andstudents.

4.9    To develop, in conjunction with appropriate departments and offices, emergency response plans and procedures.

4.10    To participate and provide health, safety and environmental advice to faculty or departmental safety committees.

4.11    To advise the University, faculties, departments, offices and units on the health, safety and environmental legislation and their compliance requirements.


5.    Deans/Heads of Departments/Offices/Units :

5.1    To draw up a detailed directive reflecting and amplifying the policy statement of the University as it pertains to the department(s). The detailed directive shall be submitted through the Environmental Health & Safety Committee to the Senior Executive Committee for approval.

5.2    To establish, promote, administer and review safety and environmental protection programme, procedures and standards pertinent to the personnel and facilities under their direction.

5.3    To appoint a senior full-time appointee within the faculty/department as the Departmental Safety Representative and to ensure that he/she will fulfil the duties.

5.4    To ensure that all appointees are aware of the Health, Safety and Environment Policy of the University and their responsibilities for the safety of those who work with or study under their supervision.


6.    Departmental Safety Representatives :

6.1    To inform their Head of Department and the Head of Environmental Health & Safety Unit of any special safety or environmental hazards in, or new hazards about to be introduced into, the department, office or unit.

6.2    To ensure the University Health, Safety and Environment Policy, departmental safety directives, procedures and standards are understood by members of their department and students.

6.3    To coordinate with appropriate supervisory personnel in ensuring that all machinery, equipment, first aid and safety facilities are properly maintained.

6.4    To conduct, in consultation with the Head of Environmental Health & Safety Unit, regular joint safety inspections, and to ensure corrective actions are taken to address the identified deficiencies. (HSEP/May07) 5 c/ehsc/policy07.doc

6.5    To coordinate with appropriate supervisory personnel in ensuring that personal injuries, accidents, spill and accidental release of hazardous materials are reported promptly in accordance with University procedures, and to report any case of noncompliance to the Head of Department.

6.6    To plan & promote activities for stimulating and maintaining interest in health, safety and environmental protection among departmental personnel.

6.7    To maintain liaison with the Head of Environmental Health & Safety Unit on health, safety and environmental matters.

6.8    To recommend accident prevention and environmental protection measures to the Head of Department where necessary.


7.    All appointees and students of the University :

7.1    To be familiar with, and conform to, the safety policies at all times.

7.2    To wear appropriate safety equipment and use appropriate safety devices in accordance with rules and procedures.

7.3    To conform to all instructions issued by the appropriate authorities.

7.4    To report all accidents, accidental releases/spills of hazardous materials, and damage of property to their supervisor and safety representative.

7.5    To make appropriate suggestions designed to improve health and safety to their supervisor and safety representative.

7.6    To inform their supervisor or safety representative of any hazard that may be introduced as a result of their work.

7.7    To be responsible for their personal safety and persons under their supervision.