Faculties/Schools/Departments/Offices are invited to take note of the following guidelines on staff recruitment and personnel related matters to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Minimum Wage Ordinance (MWO).


2.    The MWO applies to all employees in general (apart from some exceptions as defined and permissible under the MWO), regardless of the employment type and whether or not they are employed under a continuous contract as defined in the Employment Ordinance (“EO”).

Statutory Minimum Wage

3.    Under the Ordinance, the University, as an employer, is required to ensure that wages payable to an employee in respect of any wage period shall not be less than the amount of minimum wage, which is determined by the HKSAR Government authority.

Out-sourcing of Service

4.    Faculties/Schools/Departments/Offices, in out-sourcing service to service providers outside of the University, should ensure that compliance with the requirements of the MWO be included as a condition in the service contracts.

5.    Staff members are reminded to note that this document is only an abridged version. To avoid confusion and ensure the full compliance with the policy, staff members should read the full version for more details at Human Resources Office Homepage (Human Resources Office Homepage > ourHR > Policies & Procedures > Salary & Allowance > Compliance with Minimum Wage Ordinance).